Marriage Help TipsMarriage is considered to be a divine association. It is believed to have been designed in heaven. At the same time, more and more marriages are collapsing. The rate of divorce is increasing at an alarming level. The biggest marriage problems can be identified within the family itself. But most couples do not notice them.

Couples even fail to acknowledge them as problems and hence do not take adequate steps to addressing them. Speaking about the biggest marriage problems, the first thing that comes into our minds may be infidelity, issues relating to money, etc. These problems remain to be some of the biggest marriage problems; however, on closer examination, one will find other causing factors, and these problems are their manifestations.

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The biggest marriage problem lies within the person itself! This is a fact, though it may appear unsavory and will need some introspection for one to be convinced. A selfish mind will impose the self's ambitions and interests over others'. Such a mind does not entertain others' hopes and dreams even to the point of disregarding them. Self-centeredness is the root of most evil in the present world. It launches nations into bloody wars, compels people to do cold-blooded acts to satisfy their ego. The same applies to marriage too.

A selfish mind places itself first. It leaves no stone unturned in satisfying its own gratifications. It always says, "me first". To put it short, a selfish mind does not give love to anybody. More often than not, a spouse's interests are not considered or mercilessly ignored. The spouse will be hurt, reacting negatively in normal cases. This is the reason behind too many contentions and quarrels.

If you really love your spouse, you will put your spouse's interests above your own. If you identify with your spouse, you will only try to make him or her happy. You will show real love by caring for them. You will eliminate self-centeredness totally from your life.

Another major marriage problem relates to neglect. Neglect can take the life and flavor out of a relationship. You may have been the most ideal couple the world has ever seen before you married. Maybe it even lasted into the first few months or years after it. Do you remember the times when you would talk for hours on-end, you would somehow find time in your busy schedule, and you would remember the birthdays and anniversaries and shower your partner with gifts and surprises with meticulous planning. You were taking great attention to every minute detail of your dealings with your significant other.

Once you entered wedlock, the old fervor was affected. There is no more spice in the relationship as years pass by. You would begin to forget birthdays and even your wedding anniversary! Once children are born, your responsibilities add up and you get little time for yourself. The primary reason for this unfortunate state is diversions and distractions.

Marriage can be compared to a tender sapling. It is delicate; therefore you have to handle it with extra care. You have to constantly nurture it. If you neglect it, it will wilt, shrivel and finally die. Well your marriage should not end in such a fate; if you give enough care to the biggest marriage problems, your plant will grow again into a giant tree.

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